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Investment rules: just stick to them, and everything will be alright

If you visited the MikiAlex site, it means that investing in HYIP projects is your goal for the near future. To ensure that you come into this business as prepared as possible, we advise you to read the rules of successful investing. Here are the most simple ones:

  • do not use just one way to make money - there must be many of them;
  • invest only as much as you can afford to lose;
  • withdraw the body of the deposit as early as possible;
  • do not forget about the risks - there are many of them in projects with high returns.

Here are just the basic rules of investing. In fact, there are many more, and you need to be aware of them. The desire to make money is not enough. As the legendary investor of the day Warren Buffett said: “Optimism is the enemy of the rational investor.”

Simple rules of investing

MikiAlex team has impressive practical experience of working with money. During this time, we have developed a list of basic principles and rules of investing, which are not complicated, yet very important:

  1. Set a goal in specific numbers and go towards it step by step.
  2. Carefully control all expenses and income.
  3. Create your own investment portfolio.
  4. Constantly educate yourself and keep up with topical news.
  5. Always analyze, because it will help you choose cost-effective directions.
  6. Control your emotions, which very often come out to be wrong.
  7. Think for yourself, beware of the influence of herd instinct.

There is also the golden rule of investing. It goes like this: Limit your losses and let your profits grow. If in any of these directions you suffer frequent failures, ruthlessly close the position and try something new.

Warren Buffett’s Investment Rules

The American billionaire made his fortune just by investing capital and making a profit, so his main rules of investing can be trusted. In his opinion, the rules for long-term investing should be:

  • be patient and don't expect instant profits;
  • choose only those projects whose essence is 100% clear to you;
  • pay attention to the honesty of the site;
  • be sure to diversify risks.

And there’s more. Do you want to invest in a young company with great ambitions? Study carefully the rules of venture capital investing. If you notice how cramped you are within one country, study the rules of international investing. And if you need any advice, check out MikiAlex's blog.

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