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Investment strategies you need to know about

To profit from high-yield investments, you have to play by the rules. But the main difficulty is that they are different for everyone. There is no universal strategy for financial investing.

What should we do? The solution is simple: take an advice from the MikiAlex team. We systematized our knowledge and experience, analyzed the activities of the globally renowned practitioners and this is what came out.

The main strategies in investment projects (for example, in HYIP) can be divided into several groups:

  • portfolio, index and dividend investments;
  • passive, aggressive and conservative investment;
  • short-term and long-term investment, distribution of assets.

This is a classical situation. But often a ready-made investment strategy includes technologies and tactics of several groups at once. In this regard, we propose to consider the issue of investment growth strategy a little differently. The options from MikiAlex look like this:

  1. The lazy investor. Allocate a certain amount for investment, invest it and withdraw it along with a small percentage as soon as possible, before the first signs of a scam. Do not risk.
  2. The greedy investor. Wait for the first profit, but do not withdraw the money, double the deposit instead. This is called 100% reinvestment, when you can earn twice as much. The risks are also increased exactly twofold.
  3. The prudent investor. Proceed in the same way as described above (see “The greedy investor”), but only send 1/3 of the money you earn to reinvest. In this case, you can get more money in a safer environment.
  4. The partner investor. Increase your capital on affiliate programs. Read the terms carefully and get started. In this case, you don't risk any money at all, you only waste time.

Which investment strategy and tactic you like best is your choice. Read below to know how exactly to do it.

Choosing investment strategies

Without a strategy, investing becomes a game of chance - lucky or unlucky. This approach can be considered adequate only if you have extra money. If not, then:

  • set well-defined goals and answer questions about investment timing, risk tolerance, etc;
  • create an investment portfolio, that is, decide where you will invest;
  • keep a close eye on market trends and the changes that are taking place.

Want to learn more useful information about an investment strategy calculation? Just check out MikiAlex's blog.

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