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Investors vocabulary

  1. Account — personal account (profile, account, etc.), which is available to the user - investor after he/she passes the stage of registration in any HYIP project, blog, monitoring.

    How does registration on investment and information platforms usually go? Usually it takes 3 or 4 stages:

    • Personalization - here we specify our nickname (nickname/login), which we will use in the future to log in to the account, and a valid email address.
    • Password - the most important step, here you must choose a strong combination of numbers, letters (often the program asks you to put more characters in the password) in order to avoid hacking your account.
    • At the stage of registration, most sites ask to specify the data of your payment systems, but this action is not required, it can be done later, after the registration is complete.
    • Confirmation is the final stage of registration. After you click “complete registration” button, the system (in most cases) asks you to confirm your account by following the link in the email sent to the email specified when creating the account.

    Having all stages passed, you can safely use your PC - a personal office (account).

  2. Advcash - Formerly one of the most popular and accessible payment systems of HYIP projects.
  3. Upline - a user who invited you to a HYIP-project, often you go to any project by referral link.
  4. Auto Payment - automatic payments - means that the investor does not even need to go to a private office (account), to order the payout of their profits (earnings), as after arriving at your account in the project, it is automatically redirected to your e-wallet.

    Often, automatic payments show that the project is controlled by an experienced and highly qualified admin user, who knows how to lead the project and most likely the HYIP will be long-term. With this type of profit payment, the administration must know exactly what its development plans are, without waiting for funds from investors, and adheres to personal development tactics.

  5. Batch - transaction number, which is assigned to absolutely every funds transfer in the payment system. It specifies the date and time of the transaction, the amount and number of the e-wallet. This transaction number serves as a confirmation of your contribution to the project or payment of your profit
  6. Compounding - the function of automatic reinvestment of profit (gains) to the body of the main deposit for a gradual increase in profits.

    In other words, it's called compound interest, where your profit falls day by day on the body of the deposit, thereby increasing its profit the next day. Example:

    Your investment: $100 for 1% daily

    Day 1: 100$ * 0.01%= 1$ (+100$)

    Day 2: 101$*0.01%=1.01% (+101$)

    Day 3: 102.01$*0.01%=1.02$ (+102.1$)

    And so on, every day is added, and at the end of the deposit period, you get good profit. But I want to note that very few projects, they are likely units, where you can earn this way, so choose with caution such HYIP projects and be prepared to stay without your investments. Compounding is a risky move.

  7. Diversification is a strategy according to which the investment fund of an investor is divided into several parts, with their subsequent investment in different HYIP-projects to reduce the risk of losing the entire fund.

    To put it simply, you have a thousand dollars. It is not necessary to invest in one HYIP project, as the risk of losing all the money at once is great. Make a deposit in several projects, (initially studying them), and try to withdraw their profits every day. If one of them stops paying, you can recoup your losses at the expense of the other, or go into deficit for a very small amount of money.

    By performing qualitative diversification, you can avoid complete or partial loss of invested funds. Remember, any investment is a risk.

  8. Earning - earnings of the investor in the project.
  9. Earning only on mon-fry - there are also such conditions in projects in which the accrual of profits is only on weekdays (Monday to Friday), the administrators of these programs pretend to be a real company. According to the practice, such HYIP are mostly low-interest and long-term ones.
  10. Fast HYIP (Fasts) - fast HYIP projects with high yield, above 60% per month. In such programs you can multiply your capital in a short time, but they do not live very long.
  11. Gold Coders - used to be one of the most popular scripts for creating HYIP-projects, which allows you to pull any design, has multiple payment systems and convenient functionality, but has a lot of surprises, as the source code of the script is closed.
  12. H-script - a newer script for creating HYIP-projects than Gold Coders, but already more popular in this direction, at least on the HYIPs in the CIS countries. It also can be put on any design, it is very clear and easy to configure, you can order absolutely any functionality; besides, it has an open-source code
  13. HYIP is an acronym that stands for High Yield Investment Program or a high-yield online investment program that works on EPS (electronic payment systems) and cryptocurrency.
  14. Inside - closed/secret information about the fate of the project, the plan of development and closure of the project, available to a narrow circle of its administration.
  15. Instant Withdrawals are instant payouts, which are made immediately to your wallet, after requesting the withdrawal of funds from your personal account in the project.
  16. Latest payouts - the most recent payouts.
  17. Listing is a list of HYIPs, which you can get by paying the administrator of the project a certain amount of money.

    Depending on his chosen listing, you can see what amount of payment is made and from this you can judge the solvency of a particular HYIP project.

  18. Login is your nickname or name (which you specify when you create your account), which is necessary for authorization on any site.
  19. Manual Withdrawals - manual type of payments of your funds from the project. In this case, the project administrator himself indicates the time interval of such payments. Usually, it is 2-4 hours from the time of the request, but there are some shrewd administrators who code up to 24 hours. You have to be careful with these, because it is done in order to collect more money at the time of the scam and not pay your investors.
  20. Paid Poster is a person who participates in the promotion of the project, leaving messages about contributions and payments on various sites.
  21. Pending - the time allotted for manual processing of your payment requests.

    Usually, it indicates the period of time when the HYIP project is placed on the monitoring or blog, before the first payment, or when the project does not pay the allotted time for payment, which is specified in his program; in the second case, often after assigning this status, the project goes to scam (Scam)

  22. Perfect Money - this payment system is the most popular for participating in HYIPs.
  23. Ponzi scheme is the investment model on which many HYIPs are based. On the basis of this scheme, payments are made to investors at the expense of new deposits.
  24. Pool - a collective investment assembled by a group of pool members to invest together and earn a common interest.

    This scheme is implemented mainly to make an investment of a larger amount and at a higher interest rate, in order to make more money, with less money lost (in the case of a HYIP scam), if one person had done it. In this respect, investors have become smarter and are already afraid of high risks in view of the large investments.

  25. Profit - the net profit earned in the HYIP-project
  26. Principal - the body of the deposit.

    There are several basic options for returning the body of the deposit:

    • The body of the deposit is included in the payout.
    • The body of the deposit is returned at the end of the investment plan.
    • The body of the deposit is returned/not returned, and the profit interest is accrued until the end of the project.
  27. RCB - return of referral fees.

    On the card of the project is a button to output the Request RCB, where you specify the amount of investment, the user name in the project, the payment system with which the deposit was created, the number of the purse and your mail in the project. After checking the data, and if everything matches, the payout is made.

  28. Referral - this is a user or an investor who clicked on your referral link in the program. From the deposits of each of them you will receive your commission interest
  29. Referral link - a link for attracting referrals in order to get an additional percentage.

    This is your unique link in the project, which can be used to attract investors in this program, in order to make extra money. In order to earn in this way, you do not need to create a deposit, just register in the project, copy the link in your personal cabinet and send it to your investors to register in one or another HYIP-project.

  30. Refund - full compensation for the deposit, which is carried out when the program is scammed.

    This event is extremely rare and memorable in HYIP investing. This is usually done by a very experienced veteran admin user, who is extremely expensive for his reputation, in the case of unforeseen closure of the project at an early date, in circumstances beyond his control.

  31. Reinvest - reinvestment of earned funds or re-investment of spent deposit in the same project, where the investor made a profit.
  32. ROI is the payback in a HYIP, which is estimated by the period of return on the deposit.
  33. SCAM is a HYIP project that ended its work by ceasing to return deposits to investors and pay the accrued interest.
  34. Script - a program code, which simplifies the work of the HYIP developers.
  35. Shadow Script is another popular HYIP script, a rarer and more expensive engine. Its cost is several times higher than that of Gold Coders and H-script, here you cannot pull any design, as you will have to order it from the creators of the script for a decent amount of money.

    It is characterized by high reliability, multifunctional user's cabinet. The admin users who created the Shadow Script HYIP project are mostly reliable and trustworthy.

  36. Share - some portion of the contribution sufficient to contribute to the common pool.
  37. SSL is a protocol that secures data transfer between the project and the user.
  38. Voit is a user who leaves votes for projects on forums and monitors at the request of HYIP creators.

    Often these people write reviews about the projects for a small fee, in the form of creating a minimum deposit by an administrator in his account and daily posts are usually around $ 0.10-0.30. On most forums, they are easy enough to identify, as the amounts in their review are rarely even close to a dollar. But often, the administrator himself creates accounts and makes posts about the payments (to see this is easy, just look at the date of creation of an account on the forum and where he made the posts).

  39. Withdrawal - application for withdrawal of funds from the balance of the project to your wallet.
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