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What are investment projects - MikiAlex Blog

Types of HYIP projects

In this article, we will consider what types of HYIP (HYIP) projects exist that you will come across in search of investments and better earnings on the Internet.

This branch of earnings was born a very long time ago and is progressing by leaps and bounds.

Standard Hyip's - these are investment projects that can be created either by one person or by a group of persons aimed at attracting funds of depositors (investors) for any activity, which generates subsequent profits and payments. Each administrator describes his own legend, he can call himself companies, funds, trusts, dealing centers, mutual aid funds, ICO projects, etc., but in reality, no activity is actually carried out and does not exist, except for the redistribution of funds between participants.

Consider three groups of project profitability:


Low interest projects.

These are Hyip's with income up to 20% per month. This category of projects can exist for years, due to the low percentage of profit to the investor. With the right advertising campaign, low-income HYIPs live on average for two to three years. This type of HYIP projects has proven itself well in the investment market, as it is the most reliable and long-term. Most of these projects are presented only on the Internet and only a few of them have offline representation offices. Most often they are on the outskirts of the city, in a semi-basement or basement, most likely even without identification marks. However, there are also those, the very few, which have a very imposing office, and sometimes there is more than one, teeming with employees.


Average interest projects.

These are Hyip's, with an income of 20-60% per month. This category of projects exists on average for several months, usually from 2 months to a year (very rarely longer). Everything of course depends on how high-quality the site and marketing - advertising are, and most importantly - the desire and appetite of the administrator. This category of HYIPs is very popular with investors, as it involves a good percentage of profit per month and moderate risks of losing all invested funds.

Do not focus on the legend, but look at the quality of site promotion and reasonableness of tariff plans.

от 60%

High interest projects

These are Hyip's, with an income of 60% and above per month. In another way they are called fasts. This category of projects is popular due to the high interest rate, which allows you to spin money even in a day and stay with a good profit if you are lucky. The disadvantage of these projects is their lifespan: as a rule, most of them exist from a couple of days to several tens of days, and least often a few months (the very few). Some administrators may not even make the first payment. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully study this type of project, the quality of the site, aggressive advertising, reviews on the Internet, tariff plans. Such HYIPs should be entered at the start.

Classic pyramids

These projects do not have a legend, and the administrator directly says that this is a pyramid and offers to invest. On the one hand, this is the most honest kind of hype, since the user consciously invests and is fully aware of what he is involved in. On the other hand, it is quite risky (as well as high interest projects), since the stability of the project depends solely on the influx of new users. Interest rates are basically the same as for average interest projects and amount to 20% -60% per month. The greatest success in this category of projects is enjoyed by those whose administrators hold webinars, skype conferences and arrange offline presentations where investors can directly communicate and ask questions.

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