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Types of investment strategies: there are 9 effective options, developed special for you

Every reader of the MikiAlex blog is able to develop an effective profitable investment strategy and put it into practice, because he has all the necessary information for that. When choosing a particular scheme, consider the amount of investment, possible risks, the yield, and many other parameters.

To make it easier for you to find your position, we decided to briefly describe the main investing strategies. And if you have any additional questions, feel free to ask them in the chat room.

Conservative investment strategy

The conservative strategy is suitable for those who count on a small yield with minimal risk. The investor's job is to preserve his capital and protect the investment portfolio valuation. To exclude loss of money, you can use deposit insurance. If there is a scam before the stipulated deadline, the funds are returned from the insurer's fund.

Direct investment strategy

Dividend investment strategy involves direct investment in those HYIP projects, which steadily pay good dividends to investors. The money can be reinvested and each month steadily increase the cash flow. But here you need to understand the following: the larger the payments, the higher the risks.

Index investment strategy

The advantage of the index strategy is that the announced figures on interest rates always correspond to market returns. Experts also highlight the possibility of diversification (redistribution of money), reliability, cost reduction, transparency. In order to find a profitable index, it is enough to use a HYIP-monitoring.

Portfolio investment strategy

Portfolio investing - investing and making a profit without participating in the life and development of a HYIP project. Small deposits are allowed, and the terms can be minimal. The portfolio has high liquidity, and interest rates are particularly sensitive to the overall market situation.

Asset Allocation investment strategy

The choice of Asset Allocation strategy indicates the investor's desire to balance profitability and risk as much as possible. The percentage of assets in the portfolio directly depends on the term of investment and the goals of the participant of the HYIP-project. Success will also depend on other factors, such as: financial literacy, experience, willingness to devote time to the portfolio.

Long-term investment strategy

HYIPs for long-term investments have their own peculiarities, such as: low interest, the average monthly yield - up to 15%, a good reputation. Choosing such a project provides for commitment. It is not recommended to give in to the “herd instinct”, because advertising and reviews on the specific sites can be commissioned.

Short-term investment strategies

Short-term investments include a monthly investment strategy. Free capital is invested in the investment project for the shortest possible period. The main goal of the investor is to quickly multiply their funds. The yield depends on the scope of risk.

Aggressive investment strategy

Aggressive or active investment strategy is designed for those investors who like to take risks. A common plan of action is to choose 5-10 HYIP projects, which were launched a few days ago, and distribute the allocated amount between them. The life cycle of such projects reaches six months, so it is important to catch it in time. The yield amounts to 2 - 5% per day.

Passive investment strategy

Passive or moderate investment strategy attracts high yields of up to 50%. Are there many similar offers on the market? Yes, there are. These are HYIPs, mutual funds, microfinance organizations, PAMM accounts, investments in non-government securities. The choice is yours.

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