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Bonuses bounty-programs in HYIP projects - MikiAlex Blog

What is Bounty in projects

Bounty in projects

In this article we will tell you what Bounty is, what the bonuses of HYIP projects are. You will learn how you can make money on it without investment.

Bounty companies (from English "bounty" - an award) is one of the ways to make money without investing, except for the time spent, of course.

Users were given the opportunity to receive real money for simple and even elementary actions. Hype administrators often use a similar reward system.

Bounty programs in HYIPs offer investors to earn additional profit for specific actions. As a rule, they are aimed at disseminating information about the project in various ways.

What bonuses are awarded for:

  • Writing positive reviews on various advertising platforms.
  • Video review of the project on Youtube.
  • Activity in social networks: subscriptions and reposts on project and group channels, retweets, etc. In fact, these are any kinds of actions in social networks, for which the company gives a reward.
  • Posting on forums of referral links, payments from the project.
  • Translation of site information (the project) into foreign languages.
  • Search for errors on the site.
  • Creation of articles for blogs and various news resources.
  • Creation of logos and various design actions from the user.
  • E-mail distribution.
Bounty in projects

According to the standard, the user must register on the project website, indicate his wallet, then fulfill the various conditions of the Bounty program. Usually, the reward is credited to your personal account within 24 hours after the completion of the task, but each project has different conditions, this must be clarified in advance. It is better to choose long-term HYIPs with bonuses.

It is important:

  • First of all, if possible, check the reputation of the company. Examine the selected project, make sure it is not an outright scammer, as such may simply not pay for the work done.
  • Assess the potential of the company. Check how long the company has been in operation. If the company is new and developing, then it makes great sense to start working with them at the start.
  • Evaluate the ratio of the amount of remuneration and the expenditure of energy on fulfilling the conditions of the program. Fortunately, the bulk of projects offer good rewards, but there are also companies that give a penny, be careful.

By following these recommendations, you can find interesting promotions of HYIP projects and earn quite good money. Try it once and see for yourself. After all, Bounty is a good option for earning money without investment, which is used by thousands of people. Use it too!

In conclusion, I would like to note that the Bounty program in Hyip is an excellent option not only for making money for the user on the Internet, but also an excellent way to develop the project - to attract new investors. If the administrator allocates funds for the development of HYIP, this means that he is going to work for a long time and most likely go through more than one circle.

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