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About us

HYIP investments without risks!

“Investing should be more like watching paint dry or grass grow. If you want excitement, take $800 and go to Las Vegas".

Paul Samuelson, economist, Nobel laureate

Greetings, friends!


If you've looked at the investment blog MikiAlex, then the topic of money and profitability is close to you. Perhaps some of you have decided to test the waters for a profitable asset investment. It is possible that some of you have already got your fingers burnt trying on the role of an investor and forgetting about diversification.

Things happen, but, you see, it is more comfortable and safer to fall in the place where the safety net has already been built. And it's better not to fall at all, but to stand firmly on your feet and confidently take step by step, forming an investment portfolio.

My task is to guide you on the right path, tell you about the pitfalls and traps of HYIP investments in 2021, teach you how to identify outright scammers, not to fall for them. This is especially true in the age of the Internet.

Why can you trust me?


I am not a person on the street, but an experienced investor in various Internet projects with an impressive profit. Over the years of investing and making a profit, I have accumulated a huge amount of knowledge and experience, I have learned to find insiders almost with my eyes closed.

Have I had failed projects or failed reinvestments? Of course. Have I been deceived about crowdinvesting? In the early stages this also happened. But, as they say, I continued to go towards my goal. I stumbled, fell, but still moved forward. Sometimes I even crawled. But I kept moving, getting cashback.

I am sure if you follow the instructions in the blog carefully, you will be able to draw up an effective investment plan and implement it. With my advice, investing will not only bring profit, but also a lot of fun.

What are the benefits of the blog?

  1. Although I am an investor in the past, I still have my finger on the pulse: I control events in the investment project market, professionally analyze all new products that appear or are launched.
  2. The site is regularly filled with the best and most promising funds, which I recommend using as an introductory material, comparing them with the size of your future investments.
  3. Within the framework of the blog, there is a chat where real investors communicate, and partners can always get help or, at least, good advice, for example, on bounty programs or low interest projects.
  4. Besides, all the blog members are a big friendly team of partners, and you can join its ranks right now.

With the MikiAlex blog, you will learn more about profitable investments in HYIP projects, significantly reduce the risks of being deceived or welshed on money, you will always be in trend. Remember that investing is not a game or fun. Don't be a Pinocchio investor. Watch, think, analyze. And of course, don't overlook new blog content.